Professional Shiatsu Therapy



Come and enjoy this wonderful, nurturing Full Body Acupressure-Massage and the Benefit of the grounding Element Earth, the Balancing of Yin & Yang. Be moved by your Vital Energy, or Chi, the Life-force itself. Experience your Energy free & smoothly flowing, eliminating  Blockages, and energizing parts that are depleted. 

Please bring long pants (loose or Leggings) and a T-Shirt – Shiatsu is worked on the dressed Body.

Deeper Patterns, Imbalances, Health Issues can be looked at upon request – they need holistic approach and attention to find the source of Disbalance in Bodysystems, Psychological and Emotional Aspects, Belief Patterns, Habits and Trauma. 

If you wish to go deeper in several Sessions please bring your History of Challenges & Imbalance

Otherwise we will just dive into the Magic of the present Moment, enjoying a deeply grounding,  relaxing and nurturing Energy- & Bodywork to inspire your Energy to flow smoothly in your Body, which we see as a safe, sacred and well feeling Temple. Looking forward to meet you and serve the Spark inside you.


Shiatsu Therapy Sessions

60 Min – 120$ 

80 Min - 160$ (Cash or Paypal) - locals 10% off

if my fee is out of your budget feel free to talk to me 


Other Therapies/Healing Art upon Request :  Professional Shiatsu Therapy - Sacred Inner Medicine - Psychospiritual Energywork - Prana Vinyasa Yoga - YinYoga - Counseling & Coaching for Wellbeing & Fitness

My Pleasure to serve and support you. Please contact me for appointments via 

Whatts App +41 79 2098847 


SMS text only 8594-1876

Please come on time. This is YOUR time. I am prepared for you in the confirmed timeframe. Thank you


Claudia has a background of over 25 years in professional Body- and Energy Healing arts, her private practice accepted by the Swiss  health insurances, her Speciality are the Life Elements of which we and all creation are made of, Earth-Water-Fire-Air-Space, all Vital Elements influence and guide with their unique qualities, through all her offerings.

Come find the vital Force of the Elements in your own Being 


Main Trainings among others:

Prof. Shiatsu Therapist 

Holistic Psychology

Core Energetics (Pierrakos)


Lightwork (Brennan)

Holistic Nutrition 5 Elements 

Lomi Lomi 

Prana Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga (+1000 hrs) 

Yoga 5 Life Elements